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JomCUT greatly values our verified specialists as a direct partner and stakeholder of the company. All of you matter! We constantly provide opportunities for you to develop and upskill yourself. Most importantly, we strive to provide the best for you and ensure that our specialists’ well-being is taken care of while giving their best at work

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   Expansion Plans in Southeast Asia




Your benefits include:

  • Access to clients from all around Klang Valley
  • Social media marketing & exposure
  • Flat rate compensation or single fixed cashless payment of service
  • Bonuses given on appointment quantity
  • Flexible working hours and environment
  • Safety protocol





We are glad you have shown interest in becoming our JomCut barber or stylist.This application is to determine if you will be a good fit to serve our customers.

As a JomCut barber or stylist, you will visit our customers to perform a full day cuts and styles at offices, hospitals, homes and etc. These visits are during normal business hours – on weekdays, normally 9- 6 p.m. Compensation consists of flat rate or a single fixed payment of a service for your day and bonuses based on the number of appointment at each visit.

We make sure that each of our barbers and stylists properly represents the JomCut brand, and upholds our promise to our partners and customers of professionalism and quality of work.

Does this sound like you? Let us take some time to make sure you have what it takes to be a JomCut Barber or Stylist! 


JomCut Barber/Hairstylists (Part-time/ Freelancer) Application