Company FAQ


How do you clean up the mess left behind after my service has been completed?

Our barbers/stylists will be equipped with all the right and appropriate tools they need to leave their workplace clean and spotless. Our hairstylists even carry a portable vacuum and will take every step necessary to ensure a clean environment when leaving.

How does this work? Can you give me a rundown of what a typical on-site visit day is like?

Usually during a typical on-site visit, the barbers/stylists would arrive at 9:00 am to set up and get ready to take back-to-back appointments in 30-minute increments, with a 30-minute lunch break in the early afternoon. The final appointment would end at 6:00 pm, after which the service provider will take the time needed to clean up their workspace before departing around 6:30 pm

Barbers & Stylists

How do I become JomCut barber/stylists?

Glad you’ve shown interest in joining our team,
Check out the ‘Become a Barber’ tab on our home page to learn what it means to be JomCut service provider. If you have any questions, ask us via Live Chat! Feel free to reach out to us.

How do I clean up after completing my service?
  • Cleanup is an essential part of the service that we provide. We emphasizes on this more than the quality of the service itself.
    Kindly check any debris or hair left behind on the floor, chair, table or any other furniture.
  • Barbers/Hairstylists
    Stylists will be provided with a portable vacuum for ensuring no hair has been left behind. Other cleaning supplies and tools to bring will include (but are not limited to):
    – Small brush and dustpan (especially helpful for carpet)
    – Disinfectant wipes (for tables, chairs, etc.)
    – Barbicide (container, wipes, or spray)
    – Lint roller
    – Neck brush (for cleaning the hair off the neck of clipper cut clients)
How do I monitor my client requests and appointments?

We have designed and prepared a dashboard just for our barbers and stylists to manage all your daily appointments, bookings, adjust the service and the pricing and etc.

All you have to do is log in into our website portal (the login credentials will be provided to you). You don’t need to worry about it as we help guide you throughout the process.

What is the dress code?

Our dress code is a JomCut branded shirt with black pants. Wellstyled hair and comfortable, closed-toed black shoes. Always be professional while handling customers as we want your personality to shine through!

What is the mode of transport?

The mode of transport can be either car or motorcycle.
However, sometimes we recommend you to take public
transit work as well. Make sure to always have a backup
method of transportation and leave yourself lots of time for travel.

Also take note that, if you are driving, you will be responsible to cover the costs associated with petrol.

Will I be at different locations at one day?

Don’t worry about traveling all around in one day! Each day, you will be assigned to work in a different locations for the entire day. That means, each day you get to experience new surrounding and environment! You will visit each of these loactions on a set, regular schedule.

Always remember to follow your SOP at all times. We will provide you with the relevant protective gears to ensure safe working environment


Can we pay for on-site appointments with cash?

No. Temporarily we do not accept cash payment and all
appointment has to be booked online using credit/debit card or FPX payment (CIMB Clicks, Maybank2u and etc..)


What do I do if the service provider is late for an on-site visit?

Contact us right away by email or phone.

A client can’t make their on-site appointment and wants a refund. Can you do that?

Yes, clients can view and manage their on-site

Can I see the reviews from past on-site visits?

At the moment, we are still working on it. Stay tuned for more updates.



What is the cost?

The prices are according to the services you book. Kindly look into the services to obtain a clear quotation of the price. Additional service and transportation charges will be included in the bill.

How can I make the payment?
  • In the awake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we highly encourage customers to make an online payment for a safer payment transaction.
  • The payment will be through safe and secured credit and debit card system and through FPX payment gateway ( coming soon)
How can I view the cost breakdown of my service?

We will issue an invoice for your perusal and ensure that our service are delivered according to your requirement. Kindly check your inbox for an email from us regarding the invoice. Sometimes the email would end up in your spam folder


What service do you offer?

Our services ranges from basic haircuts, hair dying, personal hairstyling and more. Do kindly refer to our services for more information.

Do you wash hair in the workplace?

Our stylists do not wash or shampoo hair. We will ask our clients that come to their appointment with clean hair, washed that morning or the night before, and our stylists will dampen hair with a spray bottle if your style requires it.

Can I continue working while I get my hair done?

The concept here is all about convenience. You can definitely bring your phone and work away during your appointment. Working is encourage but feel free to sit back and relax yourself if that is your thing. Your stylist might ask you to shift your head while he or she works in various positions, but you may continue working through the appointment.


How can I book a service in Jomcut?

Once you have selected your preferred services, you will then be redirected to the scheduling page. There you could choose your preferred time and date of appointment?

How will I be notified of the barber/hairstylists?

You will be notified via your email and SMS that will be created once you have confirmed your bookings. You can exchange messages with our customer service officer if you have questions regarding your bookings.

You can also communicate directly with our stylists through the message chat box found in the ‘Customer Dashboard’

I want to add an add-on service to my already booked appointment, how do I do that?

In order for you to do that, first login to your JomCut account,
– Go to your ‘Customer Dashboard’ and head over to the Appointment tab. Once you’ve opened the tab, you can cancel your previous booking.
Do take note that you will have to go through the booking process again

– Select the same appointment type, add the add-on service, choose the time (you can keep the same time or select a new one). On the payment page, you will see the difference in the balance. You will need to confirm the booking and pay the difference

How long are the appointments?

Appointments ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The duration depends on the service that you booked. Services like basic haircuts takes lesser durations compared to hairstyling.

Do I have to prepare anything in advance before the service?

You will be notified on your email and SMS regarding your preparations. Additionally, we would also send you an email confirmation after your booking. Customers will be provided a checklist to check on before the barber arrives.

What kind of space or room should I prepare for on-site services?
  • Typically, we require a small room, the front of your porch or kitchen
  • The barbers/stylists will require a chair, small table, access to power, and good lighting (natural light is preferred but not required).


Who are the barbers/hairstylists?

Our barbers and hairstylists are licensed, vetted and experienced. We have trained and groomed them to ensure that the service being offered to our customers meets the satisfaction and requirement.

Will I have the same service provider each on-site visit

We will try our best to send the same barber/stylists to your location. Due to the conflict in schedule, we may need to send different stylists or barber to accommodate your visit.

Changes in time and date of booking
  • If our clients/customers had made a wrong booking and wish to change it to the time and date of their convenience, they are free to make changes
  • Clients/customers will not be charged for the change in time and date and will be considered if the changes made were a day before the actual service.
Cancellation of bookings
  •  Customers can cancel booking at any time via our mobile app or website
  • Cancellation fee of RM 6 to RM 8 will be charged if the customers did not show up at their location or cancel the booking after the barbers/hairstylists has arrived at your location
  • If the barbers/hairstylists decides to wait for the customers longer than the selected time, standard additional waiting time surcharges will be applied
  • If you are looking to cancel, log in to your JomCut account,
    – This will bring you to the list of your upcoming
    – Select ‘Cancel.’ You will be issued a refund.
  • Note: for each booking, the cancellation fee will only be charged one time. Either booking cancellation after the barbers/hairstylists arrived to your place or did not show up to the location.
Do you offer discounts or Coupon codes

We are still working on it at the moment. Soon we will update you via email and notifications (Keep an eye out for that!)

When will I start receiving messages to confirm my onsite appointments?

When you create your account, you will be asked to provide an email address and a phone number so we can send you reminders and important messages.

Who do I contact for support?

Let us help you! If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can reach our team via live chat. You can find the live chat at your bottom right corner of your screen